Five tips to successfully selecting IT systems

Selecting, deploying and managing IT systems takes time and effort. Here’s our five tips to successfully completing your next IT systems project – whether it’s for reporting or ticket management.

1. Make reports easy to understand and use

Ad-hoc status reporting, last-minute emails, and data that might not be up to date – sound familiar? These are the problems many companies are struggling with. And all too often the answer seems to be a sluggish behemoth of a system that makes reporting a chore.

We believe that you should be able to create, publish and access reports easily – and trust the data in them to be correct. Our solution is Datafarmer, a report publishing system that harvests the data you need from where you want it, and publishes it in a single report, in the format you want it in. It works, for example, with your existing company Office templates, so you don’t have to worry about formatting and re-formatting your reports.

“Datafarmer makes data visible and enables you to use data from systems which are normally not accessible,” Greitco Chief Product Officer Mikko Aaltonen explains. We’ve made sure to make the deployment process efficient: you can see your first reports just days after buying Datafarmer – and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why it’s in use by the likes of Accept Software.

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2. Keep customers’ mobile habits in mind

Consumer behaviour over the past decade has changed drastically, especially due to the rise of the smartphone. Yet our systems haven’t kept up with new use patterns. Triapplo, with whom we’ve recently joined forces, is a game-changer in the loyalty program system scene. It offers a seamless mobile experience that engages customers in the channels they actually use. Paired with Greitco’s solid systems deployment know-now, Triapplo enables a whole new way of understanding and serving your customers.

“Triapplo is a truly innovative product that is changing the way we forge relationships with customers,” Greitco CEO Juhana Revonta says. “A great example of an organization that understands this potential is the Finnish Ice-Hockey Association, for whom we’re creating a new fan app based on Triapplo. It’ll be hitting the app stores in the second half of 2016.”

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3. Speed up decision-making with clear dashboards and visible KPIs

Changing circumstances and complex projects require that decisions are made efficiently. Yet many big organisations fall into the trap of missing common KPIs or systems that support decision-making. Add multiple offices in different time zones to the mix and it might feel like mission impossible to bring everyone together.

The Microsoft product development team was looking to develop common practices, tools and KPIs, and asked us to help. We developed and deployed a war room dashboard concept for them that enabled the teams in different locations to share information, follow KPIs and make decisions efficiently together. Both team locations have a dedicated space set up with touch-screen monitors that show project reports and performance data. This means that all teams can easily check current status from a shared view, and react to problems indicated by the system.

“The most important function of the dashboard is to make data visible to everyone,” Juhana explains and continues: “Any issues can be found instantly and decisions are taken quickly – saving time, money and nerves.”

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4. Choose a help-desk system that integrates seamlessly

Ticketing and help-desk systems are the backbone of user support. However, integrating them into the host of other systems you use can quickly become a headache. So how can you ensure compatibility?

Gemini is an industry-leading, modern help-desk system that makes handling tickets simple. “Gemini is built on Microsoft tools, making it a great, easy-to-integrate solution for companies already using other Microsoft products”, Mikko recommends.

Greitco is the exclusive representative of Gemini in the Nordics. We think it’s pretty awesome – as do Gemini clients, which include the likes of Dell, NASA and Disneyland.

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5. Remember: Behind every successful project is a rock-solid team

We believe that behind every successful product, IT solution and deployment is a passionate, knowledgeable team of top-notch experts. Let’s get real: our people are the reason we’re able to solve problems no one else can.

Our people are not only sharp technical experts, but also experienced team leaders.

To highlight just a few of our experts – our COO Toni Ollikka has over ten years of experience in transition-management and building successful IT teams for global enterprises. And Janne Lampila, the man behind the war room concept for Microsoft, is expertly skilled at bringing together many different teams in complex environments to deliver successful projects.

“Our experts work skilfully with diverse teams and multiple different competencies, all the while concentrating on how to best solve client challenges. I believe that’s what sets them apart – and gets results”, Juhana commends.

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